Hello, I’m Maria and welcome to my shop.

I run Founditgreat just by myself (except my four-legged shop assistants) and let me share some advantages of it for you:

I carefully choose items that I like myself, searching for good quality garments and thinking about what do my buyers like. So if you have something specific in mind – let me know and I’ll share what I can find.

I do model everything you see myself (don’t let my ever-changing haircuts confuse you), so I can tell how does it feel on, is it itchy or if it’s comfortable to do Jumping Jacks in it 🙂

I also do the photography, so let me know if there’s any specific angle or combination you want to see.

Need to know armpit to heel length? Ask me.

I do all the packing and shipping, so you can send me your requests.

Is it a gift for someone special? Do you have a specific size mailbox and want to fit the package in?

Let me know and I’ll pack your order accordingly.

Selling online for 10 years gave me plenty of experience, so I know every situation has it’s solution.

Thank you for the opportunity to do what I love and share it with you.